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Industrial Display Solution

TEAMEX is committed to exceeding its customer’s expectations as a total display solution specialist and provider of LCD/LED industrial monitors.

The company operates 2 locations with a sales office in Fairfield, NJ USA and a factory in S. Korea.  

Our strength lies in our ability to continuously produce reliable, technologically advanced and superior quality products while at same time maintaining strong, trust-based relationships with our business partners.  

Based on our over 20-year experience in industrial field, we now endeavor to meet our customer’s needs in the digital era.  

We, TEAMEX is widely expanding its business into high value-added monitors, such as Custom LCD/LED, Digital Signage Display, Gaming Display, Outdoor Display, etc.  

Security Display


The Global Market Leader in Security Displays.Powerful Performance and Reliability on PVM and IP PVM.

Connectivity and High Performance That Work for You 24/7.


• Designed with Rugged Durability for Security Displays

• Enables Continuous 24/7 Operation

• Stunning Display Quality Right Down to the Details

• Designed for Easy Installation

Gaming Display


High Performance and Touchscreen Technology unsurpassed HD performance and technology

make this series ideal for casino gaming, HD enthusiasts, and graphic professionals.


The Right Monitor for the Discrimination Enthusiast in You!


Multifunctional interface combines many of today’s state-of-the-art digital feature to deliver brilliant blur-free video

and crystal-clear images. The combination of advanced display technology, stylish ergonomic design,

and environmentally-friendly features makes these monitors the right choice for even the most demanding users.


Digital Signage Display


We experience digital signage as a new data-driven communication channel.

We deliver the right solution to bring data on display from your everyday spreadsheets,

calendars, social media feeds, and more to create impact and engage with your audience


Outdoor Display


HD Monitors Designed for Outdoor Needs.We specialize in the development

and production of custom Sunlight Readable Outdoor display products.

One environment that relies greatly on our innovative, HD monitors is the Outdoor.

For years, we have been satisfying this need by listening to the professionals who use our products in the Outdoor.


     • IP56-certified Outdoor display for high endurance against external impact such as heat, rain, snow and dust

• Reliable 24/7 operation in a wide range of temperature

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