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Constant Innovation & Effort,

Always Reaching for the Best.

TEAMEX pursues constant innovation.

We surpass industry standards in Distribution,

Factory Warranty Service, and EV Charger Maintenance.

Customer service is our top priority.

We promise to deliver to your satisfaction.




The Appliance and Electronics Division distributes Brand-new and , blems, scratch & dent and refurbished products to the US, Canada, Mexico and South America. 

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Customer Service

We are committed to providing  customers with the highest quality products at the best values industry-wide.

We prize our commitment to customer service.

We strive to serve our end-user customers with speed and care.


EV Charger Service

With our full-service infrastructure and 10+ years of industry experience, we provide full EV charger service at every stage in our customer call centeris

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Reverse Logistics​

We provide a one-stop solution for processing product returns. Service span receiving and inspecting returns, refurbishing, reporting, packing ,distributing , and providing the warranty services.

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